General Information

Andydote Fashionfair…the innovative idea that was implemented as an original Greek designer’s trade show with primary purpose their promotion all over Greece and abroad. It was first introduced in January 2017 with 33 brands. Andydote keeps growing continuously with 44 brands in the second exhibition and 73 in the third.

4 days of fashion! The designers and the brands will take part in an exclusive exhibition where aesthetics meets class and personality. Basic and common feature of the exhibitors is the return to the Greek raw materials as well as handmade original ideas.

A fashion exhibition was until now exclusively for merchants. The Andydote Fashion Fair innovates and opens its doors to everyone who wishes to attend. The Andydote fashion fair, for one day only (Monday, 28/01) will give the chance to the public to attend the exhibition, in order for the exhibitors to introduce their work to everyone! This last day, the exhibitors will also have the opportunity to carry out retail sales to the fashion fair’s visitors.

Next Andydote #5:  Friday 25/01/19 to Monday 28/01/19

Information on attendance

Merchants, who can visit the exhibition all days (25/01/19 – 28/01/19), must submit their commercial card at the reception.

On the last day of the exhibition, civilians can visit the fashion fair as well.

Exhibition venue

The exhibition will be held in the cultural place ATHINAIS: the SILK ROOM, Museum, Art Hall, and Atrium.

Kastorias 34-36, Votanikos, Athens, Zip code:10447 tel:2103480000

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Working hours

Friday 25/01 to  Monday 28/01  11:00 to 20:00

<h2class=”fw400″>Exhibition Catalogue

The exhibition catalog will be distributed to the visitors for free at the reception upon entrance