Andydote Fashion Fair will be hosted by the Athinais Cultural Center. Athinais was envisioned as a modern and vibrant multipurpose venue in the historic heart of Athens that would stand out for its unwavering quality, fresh outlook and unconventional approach, blending art and culture with business initiative, social interaction and everyday life. The basic idea behind the Athinais concept is the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics so that the venue will remain a high quality destination that is both accessible and welcoming.

Working hours

Sunday 22/09 to Tuesday 24/09 11:00 to 20:00


Athinais is located in one of Athens’ most vibrant neighborhoods, where the up and coming districts of Votanikos, Kerameikos and Gazi meet, featuring new art spaces, innovative theatrical companies, trendy bars and restaurants, renovated lofts, art studios and novel architectural projects, such as the Benaki Museum on Pireos St., that have transformed a once industrial part of Athens into one of the city’s most popular artistic and cultural crossroads. Even though in the heart of Athens, Athinais is located outside the city’s restricted traffic zone and can be easily reached from the ‘El. Venizelos’ international airport and the port of Piraeus. The ‘Kerameikos’ metro station is just a few blocks away.