The Mannequin Collection is a contemporary womenswear fashion brand from Thessaloniki, launched back at 2014. It is the personal experiment of two sisters, Melina + Anastasia, who decided to pursue their childhood dream and work in fashion, after completing their studies in Finance and Architecture respectively, and this seemingly out of place combination has helped the brand to evolve quickly and have international presence and recognition. Anastasia’s architectural background has always been present in their collections through the use of geometry, layers, combinations of colors and materials and the general approach that each garment is 3D model representing the designer’s aesthetics. MAnnequin’s collections are small but unique! Every single garment is designed and sewn in Greece by a small team, with an eye on detail, in order to preserve sustainability and high quality. One thing that remains constant from one collection to the other is their love of combining textures, colors and patterns and, of course, their philosophy, which is “we design, based on how we feel every time”.