Sofi Moukidou Jewellery is a jewelry brand founded in Thessaloniki by Sofi Moukidou. Sofi Moukidou, even from her childhood was passionate about art and fashion, so jewelry deisgn was just the perfect expression of all that passion and love. Sofi Moukidou’s aesthetic represents the mix ‘n match style with an avant garde essence. Loves combining vintage treasures with modern components, semiprecious stones with loose materials, rock with glam and many more. That game of contrasts and that treasure hunting, is exactly what makes Sofi Moukidou Jewellery that unique and collective. Sofi Moukidou Jewellery is a brand with a big experience in handmade jewellery, as Sofi Moukidou is exhaustive on this since 2008, counting a plenty of succesfull collaborations with boutiques, galleries and art shops in all over the world.