We see the art of Minimalism as a form of expression and wise consumption. We believe that the woman of today should own modern, timeless and quality bags that are beautiful and useful. The brand Sister+Sister came to life when we noticed that handbag lovers couldn’t find quality clutch bags with minimalistic designs at affordable prices. Sister+Sister is our way to showcase to the world our vision of leather accessories. We offer minimalistic designs with clean lines and cuts. We create items that are simple to the eye but with great attention to detail. Our main goal is to create products with a timeless feel, products that can be worn today, tomorrow and in ten years from now. Our brand is known for its high-quality Italian leathers and simplistic designs. Our minimalist bags provide a clean slate, allowing you to fashion it with all types of outfits. Our collection of handbags and accessories are handmade in-house from Italian leathers and feature minimal hardware for that simple, timeless look. With a variety of sizes and styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice!