Greetings and welcome

We are thankful for your visit and we invite you to meet our products. OUMIES were born in 2016 out of pure love for the product and memories of long greek summers, always connected with a pair of sandals. Extensive research about different materials and handmade production techniques along with fine craftmanship and our best intentions,allow us to provide you with a pair of sandals to connect memories with. OUMIES  are addressed to the woman who knows what she wants, feels good and comfortable with her self and that ‘s how she wants to feel with her sandals as well! OUMIES are manufactured in Greece from highly qualified artisans and genuine leather of the finest quality. We feel proud to be able to help revive and maintain the art of sandal making, who ‘s roots go way back in ancient Greece.That same feeling of pride is the one we would like to share with all the women who wear OUMIES.

We thank you for your time and we hope to meet your needs in the best possible way.