I was born and raised in Tinos, a small island of Cyclades. Studied Managerial Economics & got Master’s Degree at Communications & Public Relations. I have worked in London in the advertising sector (fashion & wine tasting magazines and portals). Since 2007, I have been working in jewelry industry, in GreeceThe creation of earrings came to me naturally and derives from my passion for earrings and from my need to wear the shapes, the colors and patterns I like..Each and every design of mine has a story to tell, it is totally handmade, cut and painted. It expresses feelings, attitude towards life and situations, cultural elements even Greek history and I use wood because it is an alive material.The earrings I make are worn by women that can understand and reflect the story each pair of earrings has to tell. The reward I receive for my work is to meet women wearing earrings which reflect their most inner feelings.