Martha was born in Famagusta, Cyprus, and lives in Nicosia. From an early age, she loved making her own creations. She studied Foundation in Art and Design at City and Guilds, London, and then did her B. A(HNRS) at the American college in London. At the time she took classes at the Royal school of Needlework. In London, she worked for some time as freelance designer and in a fashion firm for evening wear. Coming back to Cyprus, she created her own studio and brand, where she participated in group shows and also organized solo shows to promote her work. ” I have always wanted to learn how to weave, to explore this beautiful and unique world. From day one that I started weaving, I knew where my passion was. I find weaving very creative and uplifting, a meditation!”

MARTHA FORMS bags have the weaving part but it gets mixed and combined with Kilims, crocheting, leather and lace, velour and other materials! ” Handmade materials and the woven products are an invite and a temptation to the imagination, I feel the urge to promote them through my work and this is my main purpose”. “Creativity is contagious, pass it on!!”