When your childhood was full of colors and shapes and your inseparable companion the pencil, the paper and the scissors, then you know where your future lies and which path you have to follow in life. The Greek designer, Mara Milonopoulou, with University studies abroad and twenty years of successful career as a Costume Designer and Fashion Stylist, she felt ready for her next business step to design a jewelry line with her signature. She started to perform her own creations in her studio by incorporating her genuine talent, her boundless imagination and the traditional craftsmanship which was written in her DNA, as both of her grandfathers were professional tailors in men’s and women’s clothing. Feeling deep love for Greece, which for her is an limitless source of inspiration, she is showcasing her collections, by combining traditional and new techniques, as well as, unique materials, achieving her jewelry to reflect passion, sophisticated elegance and high quality. A restless personality, a curator of Ancient Greek History, hardworking, loving her work, she keeps on learning and evolving. Her scope is, to present in each collection Greece from a different angle, choosing her themes from different phases of its history.