Since 2011, they have linked their name with fashion and style. In 2015, Marie Claire Women’s Magazine honored them as the best fashion blog for following the latest trends and praising the female world through their designs. The Farmaki sisters, Olga and Gogo, during the past years have put in all their imagination and creativity on their brand. Kisterss is the name of the clothing company they founded, a nickname that was given to them since their childhood.
In their collection you can find sunglasses, swimwears, stylish dresses, satin shirts and skirts. All designed by Olga Farmaki,  who is the lead designer of Kisterss. Olga studied fashion design and styling at the Zerfam Institute. Her biggest fan and supporter is her sister, who is the chief operating officer of the brand. She is responsible for the service, promotion and sales of the company. Gogo makes sure daily that all new end existing clients of Kisterss remain satisfied and happy.
Kisterss always aim for the best quality and accommodation. Their fashion knowledge and  love for the female nature have titled them as one of the most successful brands of their generation.