Iride De Portu isn’t merely a designer of yet another line of handcrafted shoes and handbags. She meticulously curates every item, keeping a close eye on the entire process from the design and production stages to manufacture, always experimenting and never succumbing to complacency. Of half-Italian and half-Greek descent, she studied Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins in London and at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Upon returning to Athens, Iride completed her studies in Handmade Shoe Design under the supervision of Apostolos Kouloumasis.Having gained all this knowledge, she was now ready to follow her own dreams. In 2015, this came true when Iride launched her very own eponymous line of shoes and handbags and set up an alternative atelier and showroom in the neighborhood of Psyri, a bustling and artistic hub at the center of Athens. Her multicultural background, characterized by a refined Greek aesthetic, a vivid Italian-girl style along with an innovative perspective she gained during her extended stay in London, all resulted and translated into a premium brand designed to appeal to the most hip Athenian crowd and not only. Iride believes that both shoes and accessories deserve equal attention and hold a power of their own. Exquisite fabrics and luxurious leathers are transformed by her talented touch into all day backpacks, elegant clutches and distinctive shoulder bags that stand out for their mixed material design and striking, eye-catching details. Her creations can combine up to four different textures, display numerous style modifications and the seemingly disparate colours succeed in radiating vitality without affectation.