Eating the Goober is an Athens based fashion brand of women’s clothing & transformable sandals, established in 2017. In September ’19 the brand won among thousands of participants worldwide, the Etsy Global Design Awards at “Earth-Friendly” category for their slide sandals called the “Ethical, Magic Sliders”. Their designs unite minimalism, geometry and a trace of Japanese influence, combined with androgynous style. Elements of the clothing inspired by traditional male attire are blended with feminine, asymmetric motifs. Along with the seasonal collections, the brand also maintains a permanent collection called “12 Months Basics”, consisted of classic – with a surrealistic touch – cotton shirts in black and white colors that can be worn all year round. The brand shows emphasis in materials and quality of production. All the production is made locally in Greece with respect to people and their working conditions. Eating the Goober is an eco-conscious brand, loves recycling and follows the path of ethical sustainable fashion. Furthermore, no animal leather, nor silk is being used in their products.

“We believe that everybody has their own distinctive ‘super goober’. It’s just a matter of realizing it and eating it! ”