For a third year consecutively, and with the inspiration and creativity of their designer, Lia  Manjorou, the collection of Ames the Bags, comes up with a new, subversive line, and always stick to their unique concept, offering what every woman is looking for. The brand is inspired by its name from the ancient Minoan dialect, as ames means labyrinth, which is design-reflected in the basic pattern. The unique designs, which can also be found  online at shop, feature their basic raw material, a Greek-made canvas jacquard, combined with premium leather and metal accessories, emphasized on design and detailed construction. The key success is the combination of the ancient Greek archaic element with the rock mood of today’s style. AMES the bags are made exclusively in Greece, and retain a hologram of authenticity. The new and upcoming SS 2020 summer collection promises new color combinations, new patterns, always within the concept, creating a minimalist digital-age aesthetic in urban style.